Recreating Africa with Africans.

This is for the young African talent whose desire is to challenge the status quo of Africa by harnessing creative   potentials. We are Capable!


Our Heartbeat
Our Spirit


With Africa having the largest youngest population in the world, it still has its creative and developer talents underutilized, less appreciated, and largely untapped. Thus, having adverse impact on the technological development of the continent.


For this, we are inspired to nurture, harness, and organize the skills and spirits of local developers and creatives to create social interventions that challenge the status quo of Africa and advance local communities in Africa. This is our heartbeat, the reason we exist!


Daily on this mission, our strength and resources are committed to:

Creative and Developer Talent Development

Inventions and Innovations

Community Programming and Development



To some, the ultimate priority is the technology for profit, but our motives are entirely for uplifting the people of Africa and their communities; especially, for marginalized groups, with the right talents, initiatives, values, and technologies.

Algo Peers

A social learning community that is preparing the children of Africa for the Future of Work through STEAM education.

Web Motives

Connecting people around Africa. We go beyond building web apps — we connect people and productive processes to web-based platforms and digital intelligence.

Africa Rising in Classroom

Finding fellow educators with a shared vision and willing to connect with local traditional classrooms and share their passion and digital literacy skills with local talents in the classrooms. 

Envision Motives

Stay irrelevant in the job market by not embracing the new reality. Digital skill is the 4th foundational skills of the education system in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic.

BrightHill, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. Embassy Accra are innovating a whole region

See how our young Creators at Web Motives are making this possible as partners.