A social learning community for

Where learning and career development paths of school children are reshaped to meet the demands of the future socio-economic space. 


A 3 month Engineering Design BootCamp with learning modules are curated from the 21st Century Learning Design exclusive to the community

Coaching by Globally Recognized Educators and Professionals

Real World Problem Solving & Product-based Learning

Hands-on-Experiences with Robotics, Virtual Reality & Creative Cloud

Access to STEM Lab, Creative Studios & Community Supports

Engagement with International Community


Algo Peers Connect

Reaching out to the future leaders of Africa with relevant answers and guidelines that would help them make well-informed decisions concerning their career development in this technological era.

Why Algo Peers Matters to Your Child

Unlike traditional schools and IT training institutions, Algo Peers goes the extra miles to provide our community of young innovators between the ages of 7 and 20 with

Early age digital apprenticeship

Experiential career development through our pioneering Interns Programs for early ages.

Build with cutting-edge technologies

Access to cutting-edge tools, and algorithms to build real-time portfolios and solutions.

Get coached by world class mentors

Access to industry leads and experts from global partners as mentors and coaches - virtually and physically.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

In the ever-changing world of technology, your child deserves to be relevant in the future workspace. 65% of children entering primary schools today will end up in careers that do not exist yet according to the World Economic Forum, and that is most likely your child’s story.

230 million of "digital jobs" by 2030 in sub-Saharan Africa

Ghana alone will offer 9 million digital jobs and nearly $4 billion in revenue potential through 2030.

20% of Ghanaian companies recruit only internationally for digital skills

Largely because they cannot find skilled local talents to fill up job positions

Enroll Your Child

A lot can change if we dare to match a local talent in Africa with relevant digital skills. Ready?