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For their project, Sustainable Technologies for Entrepreneurial Projects (sponsored by the United States Department of State with funding provided by the United States Embassy, Accra)


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BrightHill Empowerment Initiative as a not-for-profit organization is deeply concerned about youth unemployment and under-development. Thus, their passion, commitments, and resources are channeled at empowering young technology entrepreneurs to solve socio-economic challenges while creating sustainable jobs for them.

For their project, Sustainable Technologies for Entrepreneurial Projects (sponsored by the United States Department of State with funding provided by the United States Embassy, Accra), Felix Yirdong, CEO - BrightHill, wanted to find a solution that would help their organization reach over ten thousand young people across local communities in the Central Region who aspire to use innovation and technology to solve pressing challenges in the region.

Aligning Strategy, Brand Exposure, Growth, and Minimal Cost

BrightHill’s journey with Web Motives started after Felix’s meeting with Sam Quansah (CEO, CreaTech Motives Afrika) to discuss effective strategies that could be implemented in reaching their goals for the new project focused on deploying innovative technologies to solving socially identified problems and market-driven challenges while creating sustainable employment.


Directly reach over 10,000 local residents of the Central Region with the age range, 18-35, and with specific interests in entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation for a period of 3 months.

Provide an efficient channel to consistently reach the target audience and other stakeholders with all relevant updates and information for a period of 12-24 months.

Create an immense brand awareness to major partners, and prospective stakeholders beyond the region and country.

Attain all these objectives at a highly minimal cost to provide avenues for cost allocation to other aspects of the project.

BrightHill's Initial Strategies

Adopting a go-to-market strategy where recruited volunteers would travel across local communities to pitch the project to households and institutions where most likely, they could reach the target audience.

Implementing the services of Information Centers at market posts for periodical announcements in megaphones that could be heard by community members.

Creating hundreds of thousands of paper flyers to be posted at various centers of attraction, not limited to the distribution of paper brochures to random youth.

Creating a large billboard to be situated at a major highway en-route Cape Coast – Accra street with other large banners situated at market centers.

Web Motives Strategies To The Rescue

Web Motives, having Africa’s talent and technological development at heart, developed a simple strategy for BrightHill that focused on attaining their objectives by:

  • An estimate of 100% cost-saving.
  • Cutting off ineffective and inefficient manual processes to even reduce stress.
  • 24/7 constant flow of brand visibility, information dissemination, and responses to stakeholders.
  • Ensuring a transparent service execution for trust-building.

It’s time to see what Web Motives did

More Value for a Web Platform


Their impact on this project transcends giving STEPs visibility on the internet – they have been crucially involved in other vital aspects of this project, and maintains a healthy and fruitful relationship with us

Project Manager, STEPs

Here is an outline of how Web Motives got started with their solution for BrightHill till the final results;

  • Service proposal and pitch decks detailing the strategy and plans to be executed were forwarded to BrightHill Empowerment Initiative 
  • Web Motives ensured that the strategies were in alignment with the expectations of BrightHill through scheduled face to face and virtual meetings
  • Complemented with UX/UI Designs and Prototypes, the Creators at Web Motives gave BrightHill the ultimate choice for the best web platform that met their core goals for consistent information dissemination and brand exposure – there were multiple presentations made to BrightHill.
  • Recommendations from Bullseye Marketing Research were presented to BrightHill from Web Motives’ market creators for direct and organic targeting.
  • An entire web development process commenced, and was completed in 5 working days and gets updated to optimize User Experience till now. Visit for your experience.
  • A digital campaign plan and the schedule was drafted with BrightHill having access to it as a shared document on the cloud.
  • Social Media handles were created and administered to facilitate the digital campaign process with services including copywriting.
  • Pixels were integrated at the backends to collate web traffic data from all visitors and their engagements on BrightHill’s web app – Facebook and Google Analytics pixel tracker.
  • A scheduled Organic Targeting Campaigns commenced on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter to create impressions and wider reach for BrightHill’s project, STEPs.
  • Facebook target marketing and Search Engine Marketing were implemented for a period of 3 months (Nov-Dec, 2019) for lead and traffic generation at a strategically minimum cost.
  • Daily reports were forwarded to BrightHill on campaign posts. Campaign performances were reported weekly to keep optimizing campaign strategy. 
  • Overall data analysis and visualization for campaign and web app performances were shared with BrightHill’s team.
  • Other consultative services for digital processes on various aspects of the project were provided by Web Motives to BrightHill Empowerment Initiative.


We won’t exaggerate - the impact was simply beyond expectations

Before you read about the impact, you would love to read the stories of how young entrepreneurs who got to know about BrightHill’s project through the services of Web Motives are implementing technologies for innovative solutions in the region

1000% Cost Saving

BrightHill fully adopted the strategies of Web Motives and there was a zero-cost allocation from their budget to:

  1. Traveling expenses and stipends for Go-to-market campaign
  2. Creating billboards – a few banners were created. 
  3. Disseminating information to market centers.

Smart Processes

Web Motives integrated the Messenger Chat bot for automated responses, and an online chat platform where visitors to their web app could easily interact with their online consultants for adequate information.

Results in numbers








BrightHill Empowerment Initiative will recommend Web Motives to any company, small or large, that aims at growing their brand the way it has.